Time to believe

For years and years I have struggled to find belief in myself and it’s fair to say times haven’t been easy.

As a child I endured awful bullying from many and that meant having to stay indoors to avoid it. Why these people did it, well I’ll never know.

In year 6 it didn’t get much better when a teacher felt the need to bully by making me face out the window, I wasn’t including in her lessons and she then told my parents I was a waste of time to teach because I was nothing.

Maybe it’s because i was too nice, who knows but even in adulthood people have tried to hold me back and put me down.

All of this has resulted in losing faith, losing identity but at the same time the hunger to succeed.

Over the years my confidence has grown and ive run successful events, acted, been a radio presenter on TV and so much more.

I can’t let the past hold me back from the things I can do. Most recently wrestling.

Something I’ve always wanted to do but held back because of the judgement of others but now I’m out there and promising to prove them all wrong.

Anyone who knows me knows I work hard, I am focused and I am dedicated to anything I do.

I am excited to get out there, entertain and prove those who have gone through what I have that you can do it!

The talent is amazing out there and I’m looking forward to getting to the shows and showing what I can do. I just want that opportunity.

I’m going to build relations and give the promotions everything I’ve got!


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