The One true King of Demons and Vampires

Mystery, intrigue, an atmospheric dark aura….all of these words have been used to describe the gothic and complex character of the one true King of Demons and Vampire King Jensen Ryan.

Jensen Ryan is a professional wrestler based in the South of England. He brings his dark character to the ring and mixes is with his high octane high flying agility.

Jensen creates an impressive atmosphere that will stun audiences, whilst summoning a character that can intimidate even the bravest. He is the master of manipulation and mind games.

The King of Demon’s and Vampire King Jensen Ryan brings his quick pace and agility to the ring every time.

Jensen provides a dark presence to the ring and his followers lie in his shadows. Those who fall to his finisher ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ can prepare for an eternity in hell itself.

Jensen promises to send all those fall to his underworld asylum where he makes the rules and you play his games!

After years of working as a radio presenter, DJ and Events host and manager Jensen took his skills to the ring under well known trainer Rishi Ghosh of he Quality Wrestling Academy.

Jensen has developed a fast paced, high flying style putting passion and enthusiasm into every move.

Jensen has also worked as a theatrical tour host and actor for ghost tours across the South in which his character is based on.

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